Health & Safety

Pickard Construction has a set of formally documented health and safety policies & procedures. These various policies and procedures are reviewed on a regular basis by both company management and the company health and safety committee. Good health & safety practices make good all around sense and have been a contributing factor to the success of the company. To that end all new employees must take specialized safety courses specifically tailored to cover the equipment they will be using and the type of work they will be performing. Employee safety presentations are regularly held during every year. Pickard Construction’s dedication to safety has resulted in it having a very low NEER rating with WSIB and very few incidents or accidents of any kind over the years, which has resulted in better productivity and profits for the company, better paydays for the employees, and better prices for the customers. Pickard Construction’s health & safety policies have been approved by Bell, Hydro One, Expertech Network Installation, Union Gas and many other companies.